You can find here details on my academic and professional experience…

I started to practice translation in 2010, as part of my classes for my English degree, and I immediately liked it. I learned different techniques of translation, according to the type of documents translated (how to translate idiomatic expressions, legal formulas…). I enriched my vocabulary in different fields (literary, journalistic, scientific, legal, new technologies, web…).

I have to translate each week one document from French to English and another one from English to French.

Besides my studies, I have made translations for different companies.

I have accomplished several translations for varied websites:, which lists Parisian bars and restaurants,, the website of the “Chambre Syndicale des Cabarets Artistiques…” (French union of nightlife establishments),, a company which creates websites,, a brand of woman accessorizes,, a brand of men’s ready-to-wear and swimwear…

I have also translated various legal documents (international distribution agreement, law text on administrative closures of drinking establishments…), medical documents (medical analyses, doctors’ letters…), or academic documents (school reports, letters of recommendation…).

Therefore, my translation skills and my vocabulary are quite vast. And I am comfortable with both British English and American English (I can translate from or to both of them, I know their particularities).

I also give private English or French classes (all levels), and I did French assistantship at the University of Leicester in Great Britain for English students.